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Frontline Paintball Useful information

How to use our FAQ
Simply click on a question to reveal the answer. If you have a quesion that's not here just call the booking line and ask us on 01704 834 300
Is paintballing safe?
Like any other activity or sport, there's always a risk. However, observing all saftey regulations and following the marshalls instructions, then the worst you'll have is a few brusies to show off to your mates.
Does Paintballing Hurt?
You may feel a shot or two, but once your into the game they become unnoticable. The odd bruise may occour. - Remember when you play paintball, give as good as you get!
Is the game supervised?
Our staff at Frontline Paintball are all experienced, enthusiastic paintballers. There main functions are ensuring fair play. Always friendly and polite, our marshalls will do everything they can to provide you with a day to remember.
What time do troops arive?
If you're not to sure what your start time is please ring the office on 01704 834 300
What is provided on the day?
Each player on our site is issued with a semi-automatic gun, a one peice cammo coverall, full face saftey goggles, either 4 games (half day) or 7-8 games (full day).
Will the weather affect our day?
The weather conditions do not matter. Does a war get stopped? It is said that the worse the weather, the better the fun.
Are there any saftey rules?
Yes, as with any activity or sport, there are a number of saftey rules all which will be explain to you during our saftey breifing at the beggining of your day.
What do I need to bring with me?
We strongly recommend that you play in sensible footwear such as Boots(not wellies). We also suggest that you wear old clothing under our coveralls. Gloves are recommended and can be hired on the day. Our coveralls range from S to XXXL.
How old do I have to be to play?
For Paintball
The minimum age to play paintball at our site is 12. Players aged 12-16 must have an adult who can stay within the paintball site while you play. Parents/Guardians do not have to participate in the paintballing games, just be within the paintball site.For LasertagYou must be at least 8 years of age to play Lasertag.
How many paintballs will I use on the day?
A difficult question to answer; The cunning players who hide in the bushes and choose there targets carfuly will obviously not use as many as the building Rambos. Some players use as few as 200 balls, while oheres fire s much as 700 or more. A good average to set your budget at is 500.
Can I hire extras on the day?
Yes, playes have the option of upgrading to the M16 or the MP5 semi auto marker, gloves and additional bottle packs to store more ammo.

Do I have to pay a deposit for Paintball or Lasertag?

Paintball - A mimium deposit of £10 must be paid per head to secure a date. Deposits are required 2 weeks before game date.
Lasertag - To book a lasertag party, you must pay a deposit of £100.
Deposits are a commitment and are non-refundable.

How many people do I need to book?
Paintball: You can book between one and one hundred places at our paintball site at Leisure Lakes during the weekends. For details about making bookings at our Liverpool (Shorrocks Hill site), please call us on 01704 834 300For Lasertag: You must have at least 10 players to play lasertag. You can book a group of 8, but we still charge as a group of 10. Additional players are charged at £18 per person.
Can I arrive and pay on the day?
Sorry, but we ask that every player pays at least £10 deposit at least one week before the date you play. This secures your place on the day and also helps us to provide the equipment accordingly. Deopsits are also non-refundable.
Can I bring food - paintball?
Some packages include food or you can also buy food on the day. Food cannot be brought with you on the day.
Can I bring food - lasertag?
Lasertag groups can book food in advance for your group. Snacks and drinks are also on sale throughout the day. Birthday cakes can be brought.